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How you take care of a tattoo not only affects the finished results but also its long-term appearance. If you use proper care especially during the first few weeks the natural fading that occurs will be minimized.

Do Not - Pick, scratch, soak, scrub, over clean or expose to direct sunlight
Your new tattoo is bandaged for a reason. Please keep it covered
until you are able to

properly wash, dry and apply Tattoo Aftercare Product in a clean environment (i.e. not a public restroom)

Initial Aftercare

1. After one hour remove bandage and with clean running water gently wash tattoo with mild soap and your hand (Do Not Scrub).

2. Blot or pat dry with a paper towel (Do Not Rub).

3. Allow to air dry for a few minutes before applying a thin layer of Tattoo Aftercare Product (more is not better). The area should appear a little shiny but not wet or slimy. Do not re-bandage.

 Daily Aftercare

For the next 7 – 10 days you will need to wash the tattoo with your hand, pat dry or allow to air dry then wait 15-20 minutes and apply Tattoo aftercare (Do not over clean). The first day or two it may be a little tender to the touch. Within 3 – 4 days it is normal to get a thin scab and start to itch (DO NOT SCRATCH) this will begin flaking off on its own do not try to help it, you only risk doing permanent damage to the tattoo. At which point there is no longer any signs of flaking you may discontinue this regimen and begin using your favorite moisturizer to minimize dryness and itch.

Always protect your tattoo from the sun and tanning beds U.V. rays are a tattoo’s worst enemy especially during the first 30 days

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